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The Simulation of Physical Systems

LabView Tutorial 5 – Arrays Introduction Tutorial Review Reflect Arrays Definition An array is a collection of data elements. Data elements are like storage slots for data. The data elements … Continue reading

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Hybrid HMM/ANN speech recognition

2.1 Introduction The continuous density hidden Markov model (CDHMM) is the dominant technology for automatic speech recognition today. However, a few significant limitations of the standard CDHMM suggest that other … Continue reading

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Design FFT circuit

1. Purpose The Fourier transform has been widely used in the field of digital signal processing. This method is also utilized to demodulation of OFDM receiver side. In wireless communication systems, … Continue reading

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RSA Public Key Encryption System

1.Introduction This year’s design target is a RSA public key encryption CODEC. You may choose either Level 1 or Level 2 design specification depending on your skills. Enjoy RTL design … Continue reading

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Hardware Software Co-Design, Partitioning and Virtual Platform Resources

Hardware Software Co-Design Resources Multiprocessing HW/SW: Recent Experience on an ESL Framework for Rapid Design Exploration using Hardware-Software Codesign for ARM-based FPGAs, SAME 2012, Laurent Moss, Hubert Guérard, Gary Dare, … Continue reading

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Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory – 082498_lecture1.pdf 28-Aug-1998 16:23 174K 082698_lecture2.pdf 28-Aug-1998 16:23 40K 082898_lecture3.pdf 28-Aug-1998 16:23 73K 083198_lecture4.pdf 30-Aug-1998 14:55 43K 090298_lecture5.pdf 05-Sep-1998 09:09 19K 090498_lecture6.pdf 05-Sep-1998 … Continue reading

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Design an image compression and decompression system

1. SYSTEM OVERVIEW The amount of information of picture on digital form is quite large compared with commonly available bandwidth to transmit them over the internet or wireless communication. Another … Continue reading

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  HIGH-LEVEL SYNTHESIS AND DESIGN AUTOMATION. FALL 2013. This class teaches logic, state machine and high level synthesis for ASIC, FPGA and new nano-technology based technologies such as memristors and … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi: Installing an OS (Quick start guide)

In terms of a quick hardware wrap-up: Uses a Broadcom BCM2835 Chipset 32bit 700 Mhz ARM11 processor 512 MB RAM (Model B) I have a little experience working with the Arduino development … Continue reading

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What is ICP: Iterative Closest Point?

Initially what ICP did seemed like magic to me, after spending some time I’ve gotten a slightly deeper level of understanding to de-mystify the magic behind the process. This is … Continue reading

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Poisson Surface Reconstruction

After scanning an object into a point cloud, we want to create a mesh from this points. There are different approaches for creating a mesh, for example: Poisson Surface Reconstruction … Continue reading

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Automatic Speech Recognition Spring 2003

Course Highlights 6.345 is a course in the department’s “Bioelectrical Engineering” concentration. This course offers a full set of lecture slides with accompanying speech samples, as well as homework assignments and other materials used … Continue reading

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Training Hidden Markov Model/Artificial Neural Network (HMM/ANN) Hybrids for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

John-Paul Hosom, Jacques de Villiers, Ron Cole, Mark Fanty, Johan Schalkwyk, Yonghong Yan, Wei Wei Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU) OGI School of Science & Engineering (OGI) Oregon Health … Continue reading

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Ensemble Feature Selection for Automatic Speech Recognition

David Gelbart This is my ICSI page and for the most part it has not been updated since 2008. From 2000-2008 I was a member of the ICSI Speech group … Continue reading

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The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing By Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.

Chapter 26: Neural Networks (and more!) Target Detection   Scientists & engineers often need to know if a particular object or condition is present. For instance, geophysicists explore the earth … Continue reading

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Autonomous Robotic Car using Kinect (with source)

Kinect is one of the greatest inventions of our life-time. If you havent tried it yet, you are missing the taste of future. It is revolutionizing the technical innovations and … Continue reading

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Modeling Deformable Objects from a Single Depth Camera

Miao Liao+ Qing Zhang+ Huamin Wang* Ruigang Yang+ Minglun Gong# University of Kentucky+ Georgia Institute of Technology* Memorial University of Newfoundland#   We propose a novel approach to reconstruct complete 3D deformable models over time by … Continue reading

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Accurate 3D Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Image

Mao Ye [1], Xianwang Wang [2], Ruigang Yang [1], Liu Ren [3] and Marc Pollefeys [4] [1] Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments, University of Kentucky [2] HP Labs, Palo Alto [3] Bosch Research [4] ETH Zürich Figure 1. … Continue reading

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Image Warps for Artistic Perspective Manipulation

Robert Carroll, Aseem Agarwala, Maneesh Agrawala Abstract Painters and illustrators commonly sketch vanishing points and lines to guide the construction of perspective images. We present a tool that gives users the ability … Continue reading

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