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Study English IELTS Preparation – Series 3 – Episode Twenty One -Talking about the Family

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You can access all 26 episodes from Study English Series 3 via this index page.

Select an episode and watch the program plus download and read study notes and practise your learning by completing the activities.

The Series 3 Guide provides a quick reference to the contents of each episode.

DownloadDownload Study English Series 3 Guide

Series 3 Episodes
In this episode we look at some of the features that will be assessed in the writing and speaking modules.
In this episode we’ll look at the writing task in the essay section of both the academic and general IELTS tests.
In this episode we’ll look at writing an essay and how to organise your ideas in a paragraph.
This episode looks at sentence types and how to use them to demonstrate grammatical range and accuracy.
This episode looks at strategies for meeting the vocabulary criteria used to assess IELTS candidates.
In this episode we’ll look at question tasks and topics in the essay section of the IELTS test
In this episode we’ll look at the IELTS Speaking Test and watch how some candidates answer the questions.
Fluency is one of the skills assessed in the IELTS Speaking Test. This episode defines fluency and how to achieve it.
Today we’ll look at some of the language devices you can use when discussing a topic.
Today we’ll look at how to make best use of your vocabulary and say what you mean in the IELTS Speaking Test.
Today we’ll review the language used when you compare and contrast – something you’ll need for the IELTS Speaking Test.
Intonation is a feature of pronunciation, one of the criteria assessed in the IELTS Speaking Test.
In this episode we’ll practise some of the skills required for the Reading Section of the IELTS Test.
We take a look at the Reading Section of the General Training Test and words related to looking for work.
What are signpost words and why do you need to listen to them?
Knowing how to correctly express numbers will give you an edge in the IELTS Listening Test.
Festivals and Celebrations are good topics to practise for the IELTS Test.
It’s useful to know the language for labelling and describing an object.
Learn how to listen for the answers to complete a flow chart and/or describe a process.
Expanding on an idea and giving examples are important language functions you need to demonstrate.
The family is a common topic in IELTS, especially in Part 1 of the Speaking Test.
Being able to discuss holidays and what people do in their leisure time is useful for IELTS.
The topic of food often comes up in the IELTS Speaking Test.
A useful skill in all aspects of English is knowing how prefixes and suffixes form new words.
In this episode we’ll look at some aspects of grammar and spelling that often cause problems.
In this episode we advise you to study the language used when giving advice.
Series 3 – Episode Twenty One
Learning Outcomes
Talking about the Family

In IELTS there are many possible questions that can be asked about families. The questions are designed to make you use particular language functions.

Use this episode and the accompanying notes and activities to learn and practice the correct words for identifying family members and their relationships.

Download Transcript, Notes & Activites
Right-click to save the file to your computer
To prepare for IELTS think of possible topic areas – major topic areas, and then think of related or sub-topics.

Consider the topic of The Family. Think of yourself and your immediate or extended family. Practise talking about your family, your position and place in your family.

Make sure you know the vocabulary related to this topic and useful grammar and structures.


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