‎"Behind every stack of books there is a flood of knowledge."

Electronic Materials, The Physics and Modeling of Advanced Devices and Technologies


Lecture notes

lecture 1: Introduction!

lecture 2: Classical Physics!      Questions

lecture 3: Basic QM!      Questions Good book!   Things Get Real!

lecture 4: Wave Packets!         Questions 1   Questions 2   demo

lecture 5: Electron in a Box!      Questions  Questions 2   demo    demo-2

lecture 6: QM Tunnelling!      Questions  demo    demo-2

lecture 7: Electron in Crystal!      Questions   Questions2  demo    demo

lecture 8: Band Structures and Conduction!      Questions

lecture 9: Filling the bands and n and p!      Questions


lecture 10: Semiconductors and carrier flow!      Questions Questions2

lecture 11: Light!  Questions

lecture 12: Generation/Recombination!  Questions

lecture 13: Diodes (Schottky and pn)!  Schottky Questions PN Questions

lecture 14: BJT!  Questions

lecture 15: MOSFET!  Questions

lecture 16: IC Fabrication 6up Questions

lecture 17: MEMS Questions

lecture 18: Nano Cool cars on chips    Questions

lecture 19: Nano dots and quantum effects   Questions

lecture 20: Optical Systems!  Questions

lecture 21: Optical Amp/Lasers/Detectors!  Questions Laser Questions Detector Questions


Part I: Material Science (Lec 1-11).

Part II: Devices (Lec. 12-24)

    1. Kasap (1.1- 1.8) (Atomic structure, bonding, kinetic theory, heat) Slides
    2. Kasap (1.8-1.12) (Crystal, defects, glasses, material phases) Slides
    3. Kasap (2.1-2.7) (Classical Solids, electrons, drift, resistance,hall effect, non-metals) Slides
    4. Kasap (2.8-2.11) (Skin effects, Thin films, Interconnects, reliability) Slides   heat diffusion
    5. 4075 Lec. (3,4) (Elem QM, Wave packets) Basic QM Wave Packets
    6. 4075 Lec (5,6) (Tunneling and finite Wells) Electron in a box QM Tunneling
    7. 4075 Lec. (7,8) (Crystals, bands and electrons) Electron in a Crystal Band Structures and conduction
    8. Kasap (4.1-4.8) (Quantum Solids, Fermi-Dirac, n(E)) Slides
    9. Kasap (4.9-4.11) (Thermoelectric effects, Thermionic emission, Phonons) Slides
    10. Kasap (5.1-5.6) (Semiconductors, carriers, transport, photogeneration) Slides
    11. Kasap (5.7-5.13) ( Schottky Jct, Piezo, Optical absorption,Optical transitions, lasers/amplifiers) Slide
    12. Kasap (6.1-6.8)  Basic PN/BJT/MOS device theory (3098+) Slides



Followed by Selected Topics from material like the following. Plus any student presentations

  1. Future Trends Slides
  2. Future MOS Devices Slides1 Advanced MOS Devices Slides Gates Devices Slides
  3. Future BJT Devices Slides
  4. Future Interconnects Slides
  5. Semiconductor Lasers  Slides
  6. MEMS Fabrication Slides
  7. MEMS Devices Slides
  8. Nano-tech basics Slides
  9. Nano-tech devices Slides
  10. Nano-material Modeling Slides
  11. Packaging Slides cmap


Course outline

Week Friday Lecture 9:30-11:30 (Usually in ME 4124) Friday Lab 9:30-12:30
Jan 11 Orientation Calendar: Engineering Physics Courses and PreReqs Tree Differential Equations and Classical Physics Free Lab
Jan 18 Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics applied to a box Free Lab
Jan 25 Numerical Solutions to Differential Equations Matlab Heat flow Quantum Demos using numerical analysis Free Lab
Feb 1 Quantum and MEMS and NanoTech Free Lab
Feb 8 Matlab 1 Matlab Lec 2 Assignment
Feb 15 Game of Life Game of Life
Feb 18 Reading week Reading week
March 1 GameOfLife Hints and Pseudocode example program Game of Life (2)
March 8 Latex Lecture (keynote) pdf Latex zip file
March 15 Spice Lecture (keynote) pdf Spice Debacle
March 22 Hspice Spice zip file
March 28 Maxwell 2d On Thursday !!!!!!!!!!!!! 11:30-1:30 Maxwell Lab
April 5 Light Systems Lasers Fiber Lab and Fab Tour
April 10 (Wed.) Fiber Lab Completion Fiber Lab and Fab Tour



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