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BeagleBone Black Description

The BeagleBone Black is the newest member of the BeagleBoard family. It is a lower-cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBoard using a low cost Sitara XAM3359AZCZ100 Cortex A8 ARM processor from Texas Instruments. It is similar to the Beaglebone,but with some features removed and some features added. The table below gives the high points on the differences between the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black.

Production is currently ramping and we expect to be in full production the end of May. We are currently shipping small quantities of boards and we will have increasing quantities of boards shipping as we ramp production.

BeagleBone Black Features

The following table lists the key features of the BeagleBone Black.

In the box is (1)BeagleBone Black board, (1)USB cable, and (1)card that should be read.

BeagleBone Black Picture

Here is a picture of the Rev A5A board.

REV A5A.jpg

BeagleBone Black Key Component Locations

Here are the locations of the key components on the Rev A5A.

COMP A5A.jpg

BeagleBone Black Connector and Switch Locations

Below is the location of the connectors and switches on the Rev A5A board.
The Power Button and Battery Connections are new additions to the Rev A5A.


Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions concerning the BeagleBone Black. It will be updated as more questions continued to be answered.


Terms of Use

You may use the Beaglebone Black as you choose. However, we do not support the use of the board that we manufacture under the logo in commercial products.The reasons for this are very simple.

We did not design the board for use in your product. We cannot therefore guarantee that it will work in all cases and over the full range of operation you expect.

We have had instances where people have done this and returned 25% of their purchases saying they would not work. Either the boards worked perfectly once received, or they had been blown up.
This adds to our costs and puts a burden on our RMA operation. It also takes away from our production capacity. We do not want to see our distributors run out of boards because someone is buying up the inventory.

We are here for the community and we want to keep costs as low as possible to support the community. We are not looking for someone to by a 1,000 boards so we can brag about how many we have sold. If you decide to go ahead and do this, then the warranty will be void as a result and no RMA support will be provided on the product.

All design materials are Open Source and easily accessible. Everything is provided to build your own board. You can make changes as needed or use it as is. It is your product when you use these materials. There are resources available that can assist you in this effort if needed.

There is one exception to this. You may use the board in a product if we approve its use in the design and have access to all design material for our review. The use of the board must be visible to the end user and the use of the board must be part of the product advertising.We view this as a value add arrangement. These arrangements are VERY limited and we will be VERY selective in engaging in these arrangements. The decision to engage or not is our decision.

Board Shipments

We have shipped a total 27,868 boards to date. As more boards ship, the number will be updated.


For a list of the confirmed working accessories please goto *Accessories Page
Covered there are cables, power supplies, displays,etc. Anything that can be added to the BeagleBone Black.

Optional JTAG

To install the JTAG header, all you have to do is install P2 on the back of the board.
P2 is a Samtec FTR-110-03-G-D-06 connector and can be purchased from Samtec or any of their distributors.

Cape Support is not the maker of the various capes. Most of them are made and supported by Cricuitco under the name. For information on cape compatibility and support go to BeagleBone Black Capes

Board Revisions and Changes

Revision A5B (Production Version)

1) Updated the PCB to incorporate the modification that was being done on Rev A5A. There is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in functionality between REV A5A and REV A5B.
2) Made the LEDs dimmer for those that could not sleep due to the brightness of the LEDs.

Revision A5A (Old Production Version)

1) Boards are built using the XAM3359AZCZ100 processor.
2) PCB Change…LCD noise issue was resolved by adding 47pf bypass caps on some of the LCD signals.
3) PCB Change…Added access to four battery charger signals on the TPS65217 (TS=Temperature Sense, BAT=Battery connection,BATT_SENSE=Battery voltage pin, GND=Ground). Pins are not populated but the four signals are in a 2×2 .1x.1 spacing.
4) PCB Change…Added a power button which allows for wake up, power down, and sleep options. It also provides the ability to alert the processor before powering down to provide an orderly shutdown. It is expected that SW will be used in conjunction with the switch to control the various power modes and transitions from one to the other. By holding the button down for 8 seconds, it will force a power down of the board.
5) Added a 100K pull down resistor from J1 pin 1 to J1 pin 4 to fix the unterminated serial port issue.

Revision A4B

Added a 100K pull down resistor between pins 1 and 4 of J1 to fix the serial port issue.

Revision A4A

Incorporated the capacitors to fix the noise issue on the display

Revision A4

First prototype release version of the board. Limited distribution. One notable issue here is that the board has an AM3352 processor instead of an AM3359, despite how the part is marked. Part was mismarked as an AM3359. The SGX and PRU are not operational.


HDMI Issues

HDMI Issues..We have several people having issues getting the board to work with various TVs and Displays. RMA returns have shown no issues.

If you are having issues a separate support page has been set up at HDMI Issues

Known Issues

You can find a list of reported issues and add additional ones by going to Bug Tracker
Here are the know Hardware issues:

REV A4,A4A…Processor is a AM3352 due to the incorrect part being marked as an AM3359.

REV A4,A4A…Does not ship with any cables. Rev A5 will ship with the USB cable.

REV A4…If you look closely, you will notice some noise in the display. This is due to a termination issue on the board caused by too many connections to the LCD data pins. This will be fixed on the A5 revision.

REV A4, A4A…Serial port can cause the system to crash if there is not a serial cable plugged into J1.

Loading Software

It is highly recommended that you always use the latest version of the Software.
For instructions on updating the Software on your BeagleBone Black go to *Software Update

Software Resources

Software sources

To access the getting started guide do the following:

1) Go to
2) At the top of the page next to the “Clone in Windows” button, click the ZIP button.
3) Unzip that folder into a separate directory.
4) Open the readme file.

Hardware Files


The links below are static links that always point to the latest version of the listed documents. These links can be used by distributors or users to point to the latest documentation. As documents are updated, the links will remain the same, but the actual file will be updated. This insures that you always have the latest documents and your links will always work.

If you are interested in an Altium version of the A5B board they can be found at Altium A5B. These files are provided AS IS with no support.


The links below are static links that always point to the latest version of the listed documents. These links can be used by distributors or users to point to the latest documentation. As documents are updated, the links will remain the same, but the actual file will be updated. This insures that you always have the latest documents and your links will always work.


BeagleBone Capes

BeagleBone capes are add on boards that can be connected to the BeagleBone Black to add functionality. These capes are made by a lot of different companies and individuals.
A list of capes that are in production are listed at BeagleBone Capes. If you have a cape that is in production and can be purchased and you would like it listed, please contactCircuitco.

Most of the current capes will work with the BeagleBone Black. However, the kernel is 3.8 on the BeagleBone Black, so some work may be required to get the drivers updated for some of the capes to work.
Some may not work or may require some hardware changes due to some differences in the design of the BeagleBone Black as described below.

For a list of the ones that are currently identified as compatible and incompatible, go to *BeagleBone Black Capes>br>

The onboard HDMI driver uses the LCD pins. They are still connected to the expansion header, but in some cases, they could cause an LCD cape to have some noise issues unless the cape has a buffer.
A buffer should take care of this issue. If you want to use these pins as GPIO pins, you may be limited in speed due to the capacitance caused by the loadig of the pins by the HDMI driver.
They should function fine in most applications.

The onboard eMMC uses the MMC1 signals. They are also connected to the expansion header.
The expectation is that in order to use these signals, the eMMC device on the BeagleBone Black will need to be disabled by activating the reset line to the eMMC device.
It is not clear that this will work as you have to write to the eMMC first and tell it to enable the reset. At this point in time, it is not totally clear that the reset line will do the trick. Further investigation is ongoing. This will also require booting from the uSD port.
Best option is to not use the MMC1_CLK and MMC1_CMD signals at all and tie them low.
Do not use these signals for anything else will trying to use the other eMMC1 lines on the expansion header.

The 10 pin power expansion header has been removed. Any cape needing this connector will not be 100% compatible.

Regulatory Compliance Documents

Export Information

ECCN: 5A002A1

CCATS: G141473

RMA Support

If you feel the board is defective and you want to get it looked at go to RMA Request You will need the serial number. It is located on the expansion header in the form of a white label.

We only accept RMA requests for those boards purchased through authorized distributors. If you purchase a board from an unauthorized distributor, you need to return the board to them for replacement.

Useful Links

BeagleBoard home page



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