‎"Behind every stack of books there is a flood of knowledge."

CMSC 828E: Seminar on Scientific Computing on Graphical Processors


01/27, 2009


Lecture 0 Class canceled due to the weather  
01/29, 2009


Lecture 0 Introduction to the course. Introductions. Grading. What the course is about. Participation. Projects.


Forums Wiki
02/03, 2009


Lecture 1 Trends in scientific computing. Growth in problem size. Growth in datasets. Trends in computer architecture. End of Moores law. GPU G. Moore, “Cramming More Components onto integrated circuits,” Electronics, 38, 1965
02/05, 2009



Lecture 2 Introduction to the GPU architecture. GPU model of parallelism. Concurrency. Threads. CUDA. Memory. Scheduling. Peter Zalutskis CUDA slides
02/10, 2009


Lecture 3 Introduction to CUDA programming CUDA 2.1 programming guide

Garland tutorial slides


Homework 1-2 Due Feb 17/24 Getting started programming  
02/12, 2009


Lecture 4 CUDA programming  
02/17, 2009 Lecture 5 Matrix multiplication  
02/19, 2009 Lecture 6

Kate DeSpain

FFTs on the GPU Govindaraju et al. SC08 paper talk
02/24, 2009 Lecture 7 Global and Shared Memory access issues Read Chapter 5 of the manual
02/26, 2009 Lecture 8 Event link.

Talk by David Luebke

03/03/2009 Lecture 9 Thread organization  
03/03/ 2009 Homework Homework, implement a simple version of the parallel prefix scan algorithm to sum up a vector (based on the SDK), and benchmark your application.

Read papers below

03/05/2009 Lecture 10

Adam Odonovan

Parallel prefix scan; CUDA Performance Primitives Library


M. HarrisG. BlellochSengupta et al.
03/10/2009 Lecture 11 Typical Scientific Computing Problems: A survey

Dense matrix algorithms

Scientific Computing with Case Studies, by Dianne P. O’Leary��������������

Mike Giles,�

03/12/2009 Lecture 12

Aparna Kotha

Parallel Programming Patterns UIUC site; UC Berkeley site and article; Wisconsin lectures (from site below)
Spring Break    
03/24/2009 Lecture 13 Introduction to Flagon  
03/26/2009 Lecture 14 Introduction to Jacket

Project discussions

03/31/2009 Lecture 15 Project requirements and review  
04/02/2009 Lecture 16 CUDA CANNY

PIC codes on CUDA

Luo�s paper� code

Stantchev paper

04/07/2009 Lecture 17 The fast multipole method � an introduction to the algorithm

Lecture by Nail Gumerov

04/09/2009 Lecture 18 The FMM on the GPU

Lecture by Nail Gumerov

FMM GPU paper
04/14/2009 Lecture 19 Project Updates:

Dickerson: Computing Kerr tails on the GPU

Despain: Adding Multi-GPU support to Flagon

O�Donovan: Displaying scientific calculation results from CUDA


Further Case Studies (Finite Difference for PDEs on CUDA)

04/16/2009 Lecture 20 Project Updates:

Konda: LVIS data processing in CUDA

Lamphier: SVM on CUDA


Continued: Finite Difference for PDEs on CUDA
04/21/2009 Lecture 21 Project Updates (Srinivasan, )  
04/23/2009 Lecture 22    
04/28/2009 Lecture 23    
04/30/2009 Lecture 24    
05/05/2009 Lecture 25 Designing a CUDA program: Application patterns  
05/07/2009 Lecture 26 Project demos (DeSpain, Srinivasan)

Lecture: Other CUDA features

05/12/2009 Lecture 27 Project demos (Anand, Dickerson, Hakim, Konda, Kotha, Lamphier, Liu, O�Donovan)  







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