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General Information

Instructor: Prof. Simha Sethumadhavan
Class meetings: Tuesdays, Thursdays 4:10 PM – 5:25 PM
Location: MuDD 327

Course Materials

There are NO required textbooks for this class. The following reference books are available online through CLIO.

  • SystemVerilog for Design (Link)
  • SystemVerilog for Verification (Link)
  • Closing the gap between ASIC and Custom (Link)
  • Computer Architecture Techniques for Power-Efficiency (Link)

Design Project

The centerpiece of this course is the design project. There are two design projects to choose from:

  • Design and implementation of a Network-on-Chip router
  • Design and implementation of a ASIC Bitcoin Miner

You are also welcome to define your own design project.

All projects involve detailed register transfer level design, writing verification suites and using commerical Electronic Design Automation tools. Laboratory exercises are intended to train you towards completion of the design project. In the lab exercises you will implement a simple MIPS core. I recommend that you work in teams of two for the design project and that you start early.


Slides (by lecture)


About this course

EECS 4340 is practical course on the art and practice of digital system design. This is a followup course to the basic logic class that bridges the gap between the material learned in intro classes to the knowledge required to create practical, complex real-world digital systems. We will discuss all the relevant steps from design definition to final steps required for manufacturing.

We will cover a hardware description language (SystemVerilog), using commercial synthesis tools and rigorous design testing methods. This is not a circuits course per se, but we will discuss some circuit related issues as necessary. We will also discuss high-speed board design and I/O interfacing.

The centerpiece of this class is a final project that will help you see how engineering skills you have learned can apply to real world problems. Through labs and the final project you will learn to use state-of-the-art commercial languages for hardware design, and sophisticated computer-aided design tools for manufacturing hardware designs. Also for the final project you will be working in groups and this in itself is a valuable experience.

In past offerings students have designed a cryptographic accelerator, on chip networks, on chip memory systems and processor pipelines for their final project. This year we will have a new project (in addition to the old ones). You may have heard of Bitcoin, a new p2p currency. One of the projects will be a bitcoin miner. If your design is able to get higher throughput than state-of-the-art miners (GPUs) — and this is possible — we will get your chip fabricated!

The pre-requisites are 3827 and some familiarity with programming. If you don’t have any hardware experience (logic design etc.) that is fine as long as you are prepared to learn along the way. Particularly, CS students should not be too worried that is hardware practicum class; there are lots of similarities between hardware and software engineering. Similarly if you are EE student, this class will teach you engineering principles that will help you go from single device/small circuit designers to billion device engineers. If you are not still not sure if this class is for you, feel free to show up to the first lecture or send me an email with your questions (or both!).





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