‎"Behind every stack of books there is a flood of knowledge."

Computational Photography (CS 498) – Fall 2011


Instructor:  Derek Hoiem (dhoiem at uiuc ; Siebel Center 3312)


 Take-home problems

 Online Resources

  Online Discussion:

  Textbook: Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Rick Szeliski

  Matlab: Helpful Tutorials and References ; Writing Fast Code


Project 1: Hybrid Images

See Results

Class choice awards:

Project: Hanna Tarsunova

             Jihua Huang

 Result: Greg Meyer: 3-source hybrid

             Sahil H.: Bachman/caricature

Project 2: Image Alignment

See Results

Class choice awards:

Greg Meyer

Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt

Lin-Ming Hsu

Project 3: Gradient Domain Fusion

See Results

Class choice award: Greg Meyer

Project 4: Face Morphing

See Results

Class choice awards:

Project: Greg Meyer

Result: Kalina Borkiewicz: Teddy Bear

Project 5: Automatic Photo Stitching

See Results

Class choice award:

Greg Meyer

Lin-Ming Hsu

Final Project

See Results

   Class Schedule   (subject to change)

Date Topic Link Reading/Notes
Aug 23 (Tues) NO CLASS S=Szeliski book
Aug 25 (Thurs) Introduction ppt ; pdf  
  Basics of Working with Images    
Aug 30 (Tues) Pixels and image filters ppt ; pdf S3.2 (linear filtering)

S3.3 (non-linear filtering)

Sept 1 (Thurs) Thinking in frequency ppt ; pdf

FFT Demo

S3.4 (fourier transforms)

S2.3.3 (compression)

Sept 1 (Thurs) Matlab / Linear Algebra Tutorial   SC3403, 5-6:30pm
Sept 6 (Tues) Templates and image pyramids ppt ; pdf S3.5.2 (image pyramids)

S8.1.1 (pyramid alignment)

Other reading:

Burt Adelson 1983 – The Laplacian Pyramid

Sept 8 (Thurs) Light and color ppt ; pdf S2.2 (light), S2.3.2 (color)

or Forsyth and Ponce Ch 6

Sept 12 (Mon) Project 1 (Hybrid images) due    
Sept 13 (Tues) Histograms and color adjustment ppt ; pdf ;demo S3.1 (histograms and color adjustment)
The Digital Canvas: Coloring, Blending, Cutting, Synthesizing, and Warping Images    
Sept 15 (Thurs) Cutting: Intelligent Scissors and Graph Cuts ppt ; pdf Intelligent Scissors – Mortenson Barret (1995)

GrabCut – Rother et al. (2004)

Sept 20 (Tues) Growing: Texture synthesis and hole filling ppt ; pdf Texture Synthesis – Efros Leung (1999)

Image Quilting – Efros Freeman (2001)

Image Analogies – Hertzmann et al. (2001)

Sept 22 (Thurs) Pasting: Compositing and blending ppt ; pdf Project 3 released


Poisson Image Editing – Perez et al. (2003)

Burt and Adelson, A multiresolution spline with application to image mosaics, ACM ToG (1983)

Sept 26 (Mon) Project 2 (Image alignment) due    
Sept 27 (Tues) Image warping (translation, rotation, scale, etc.) ppt ; pdf S3.6 (warping)
Sept 29 (Thurs) Image morphing ppt ; pdf  
Oct 4 (Tues) The Pinhole Camera ppt ; pdf S2.1.5 (3D to 2D projection)
Oct 6 (Thurs) Guest Lecture: Amin Sadeghi

Topic: PCA and Fun with Faces

ppt ; pdf Project 4 released

Derek out of town Wed-Fri

Oct 10 (Mon) Project 3 (Gradient domain fusion) due    
Oct 11 (Tues) Single-view Metrology ppt ; pdf HoiemSavarese-SVG Chapter
Oct  13 (Thurs) Single-view 3D Reconstruction ppt ; pdf Project 4 Face Labels Due

Tour into the picture (Horry et al. 1997)

Oct  18 (Tues) Guest Lecture: Kevin Karsch

Topic: The image as a virtual stage

ppt ; pdf Derek out of town

Animation materials

Working with Photo Collections    
Oct  20 (Thurs) Matching and alignment with interest points ppt ; pdf Grauman/Leibe Draft Chapter on Local Features Optional: Lowe – SIFT paper
Oct 24 (Mon) Project 4 (Face morphing) due    
Oct  25  (Tues) Automatic Photo Stitching and RANSAC ppt ; pdf Brown Lowe 2007 ; S9 (stitching);  slides ;

Szeliski Tutorial Draft

Oct 27 (Thurs) Object recognition, retrieval, and augmented reality ppt ; pdf Project 5 released

Grauman/Leibe Draft Visual Vocabularies; S14.3

Nov 1 (Tues) Opportunities of scale: texture synthesis, multi-view reconstruction, im2gps, tiny images, etc. ppt ; pdf Reading: Hays & Efros, Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs
Nov 3 (Thurs) Midterm Review pdf
Nov 8 (Tues) Midterm Exam, normal time/place   Derek in Barcelona, Kevin Karsch will proctor
  More Topics of Interest    
Nov 10 (Thurs) Detecting fakes ppt ; pdf
Nov 14 (Mon) Project 5 (Image stitching) due    
Nov 15 (Tues) Image-based Lighting: ray tracing, environment maps, light probes ppt ; pdf Reading (do read this):

Debevec, Image-based Lighting Tutorial(2005)

Nov 17 (Thurs) Image-based Lighting cont.: HDR light probes, relighting ppt ; pdf Optional Reading:

Debevec & Malik, “Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs”, SIGGRAPH 1997

Debevec, Rendering Synthetic Objects in Real Scenes, 1998

Nov 22, 24 NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Break!    
Nov 29 (Tues) Computational approaches to cameras ppt ; pdf  
Dec 1 (Thurs) How the Kinect works ppt ; pdf  
Dec  6 (Tues) Last day – wrap up ppt ; pdf  
Dec 9 (Fri) Final Project Presentations (1:30 – 4:30pm, SC1214)  



Some other ideas for special topics:

Students, let me know if there’s something you’d especially like to cover.

Some ideas: 1) Background subtraction and alpha matting; 2) Special or Programmable cameras; 3) Environment maps and image-based lighting; 4) What makes a good (or real) photo?; 5) Video textures; 6) Recoloring; 7) Tricks with focus or aperture (e.g. creating HDR images from multiple exposures); 8) Physics-based models (modeling fog, water, etc.); 9) Deconvolution and deblurring; 10) superresolution; 11) Non-photo realistic rendering; 12) Kinect sensor and applications


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Introduction to Visual Computing and Visual Modeling (Kutulakos, UToronto)

Symposium on Computational Photography and Video (May 2005, MIT)



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