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ECE533 Digital Image Processing


Fall 2012 Course Project

Name Title & Abstract Presentation Report
Al Rumaih, Mohammed W, Dec. 12, 11:00  
Beley, Christopher Asses Image Compression Via Custom-Written Web-Based Image Quality Assessment System W, Dec. 12, 11:03 PresentationReport
Bollom, Matthew Seam Carving for Context-Aware Image Resizing W, Dec. 12, 11:06 Presentation , Report
Cabaj, John Image enhancement methods implemented within a GUI W, Dec. 12, 11:09 Presentation , Report
Celik, Omer Optical Coherence Tomography W, Dec. 12, 11:12 Presentation , Report
Chatterjee, Sudhanya Recognition of a small set of sign language using Hand Gesture W, Dec. 12, 11:15 Presentation , Report
Cline, Christopher Line Detection for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation W, Dec. 12, 11:18 Presentation , Report
Dashti, Nasser Recommending an Approach to License-Plate Detection and Character Recognition W, Dec. 12, 11:21 ,Report
Dastous-St-Hilaire, David Fast, skin color based face detection on embedded mobile devices W, Dec. 12, 11:24 Presentation,Report
Deepak Natraj, Karthik Edge based text extraction in image W, Dec. 12, 11:27 Presentation ,Report
Dickey, Paul W, Dec. 12, 11:30
Fessler, Marcus Autonomous Vehicle Control using Digital Image Processing W, Dec. 12, 11:33 Presentation ,Report
Garot, Kristine Implementation of Motion Estimation Algorithm:Diamond Search W, Dec. 12, 11:36 PresentationReport
Harwell, John Obstacle Recognition and Avoidance in Scene Navigation W, Dec. 12, 11:39 Presentation ,Report
He, Jiaduo W, Dec. 12, 11:42
Hemke, Matthew Automatic Photo-mosaic Generation using K-D Tree Matching W, Dec. 12, 11:45 Presentation ,Report
Jang, Hyungseok Sparse MRI: The Application of Compressed Sensing for Rapid MR Imaging W, Dec. 12, 11:48 Presentation ,Report
Jellings, Mason F, Dec. 14, 11:00
McGowan, Kiernan Line Edge Map (LEM) Based Facial Image Recognition F, Dec. 14, 11:03 Presentation ,Report
Myrhoj, Christian Image restoration of low-dose CT scan F, Dec. 14, 11:06 Presentation ,Report
Oswal, Urvashi Detecting and segmenting hands in an image F, Dec. 14, 11:09 Presentation ,Report
Rajendran, Pradeep Camera Pose Estimation using homography F, Dec. 14, 11:12 Presentation ,Report
Satterness, Eric Peak-Finding Algorithm for Histogram Analysis F, Dec. 14, 11:15 Presentation ,Report
Sefiddashti, Nicholas Super-resolution Image Reconstruction using Texture Synthesis F, Dec. 14, 11:18 Presentation ,Report
Sottile, Joseph Image Segmentation to Improve Judgment of Powerlifting Squat Depth F, Dec. 14, 11:21 Presentation ,Report
Tabbal, Azzam Image Enhancement and Detection of Protein Electrophoresis F, Dec. 14, 11:24 Presentation ,Report
Tabor, Joshua Gesture Recognition F, Dec. 14, 11:27 Presentation ,Report
Wang, Fa Extract information from ID card and Business card F, Dec. 14, 11:30 Presentation ,Report
Wang, Jianghui Segmentation and counting of corn plants F, Dec. 14, 11:33 Presentation ,Report
Xu, Yuchen Where is Wally? Finding Wally Using Matlab Image Processing Tools F, Dec. 14, 11:37 Presentation ,Report
Yang, Shengdan Time-Resolved Contrast-Enhanced Imaging With Isotropic Resolution and Broad Coverage Using an Undersampled 3D Projection Trajectory F, Dec. 14, 11:40 Presentation ,Report
Zhang, Yiqing Break through the CAPTCHA image F, Dec. 14, 11:43 Presentation ,Report
Zhou, Shiwei Image Retargeting using Seam Carving and Patch Matching F, Dec. 14, 11:46 Presentation,Report


Matlab mfiles used in lectures

Public domain images for homeworks and projects

Public Domain Image Processing Softwares

Text Book and Library Reserved Books

  • (Text book) Gonzalez, Rafael C. & R. E. Woods, Digital image processing 3rd ed c2008, Printice Hall, ISBN: 9780131687288.
    Text book website
    Location: Wendt Commons (Engineering) Reserves (2nd Floor), call number: TA1632 G66 2008.
  • Gonzalez, Rafael C. & R. E. Woods, Digital image processing 2nd ed c2002
    Location: Wendt Commons (Engineering) Reserves (2nd Floor), call number: TA1632 G66 2002
  • Gonzalez, Woods, and Eddins, Digital Image processing using MATLAB 2nd ed c2009
    Location: Wendt Commons (Engineering) Reserves (2nd Floor), call number: TA1632 G66 2009
  • Jain, Anil K., Fundamentals of digital image processing c1989
    Location: Wendt Commons (Engineering) Reserves (2nd Floor), call number: TA1632 J35 1989

Supplemental materials and Internet Resources

Internet Resources

ECE/CS 533 Matlab Mfiles

These are Matlab Mfiles which we may be using during lectures. They were developed on Matlab v.5.3. Some incompatibilities may exist when running later version of Matlab. Many of them will be updated to Matlab v.7 soon. This directory may be updated from time to time with deletions and additions.

  • conv2demo.m — Demonstratioin of 2d convolution using the sample in the lecture note
  • Mydemo.m — An introduction to Image Processing (updated 9/2005)
  • Cdemo.m — Demonstration of color manipulation using mysail.bmp (updated 9/2005)
  • l5e2.m — generate frequency response example
  • l7e1.m — demo 2D Fourier Transform
  • alias.m — demonstrating effect of alias in 1D case.

Image Enhancement

  • enh_pixel.m — demonstrating pixel-based image enhancement methods, including intensity transformation and histogram equalization (new, 9/2005)
  • histeqdemo.m — histogram equalization example, and test image file p64int.txt
    histeq.m — A callable subroutine of histogram equalization
  • freq.m — demonstrating frequency domain fitlering approaches.
  • filterdemo.m — demonstrating spatial domain filtering approaches, and the test image file lena.bmp
  • p64.bmp — a 64 by 64 gray scale image used by freq.m and spatial.m

Image Restoration

  • invfildemo.m — demonstration of inverse filter, Wiener filter and Constrained least square restoration methods
  • motionblur.m — generate linear motion blur masks,
  • blurdemo.m — demonstrations of image blurring process

Image Coding

  • entropy.m — compute entropy of a given probability vector
  • huffman Coding —
    huff_tbl.m generating huffman code table,
    huff_enc.m huffman code Encoding, and
    huff_dec.m huffman code decoding.
  • Arithmetic coding Demostration —
    arcodemo.m, Demonstration program,
    arenc.m, encoding routine, and
    ardec.m, decoding routine.

JPEG/MPEG encoding matlab mfiles

  • jpegdemo.m — Demonstrating Jpeg encoding.
  • divq.m — Weigthed quantization.
  • dpcm.m — JPEG DPCM for DC coefficient
  • jdcenc.m — DC Coefficient huffman Encoding.
  • jacenc.m — AC Coefficient huffman Encoding.
  • int2bin.m — Integer to binary (sign-mag) representation. Needed by jdcenc.m, and jacenc.m.
  • medemo.m — demonstration of motion estimation
    medemo.mat — data file for medemo.m

Mathematical Morphology

  • morphdemo.m — Morphological Processing demonstration
  • hitnmiss.m — subroutine for hit-n-miss transform
  • imopen.m — subroutine for opening operation
  • imclose.m — subroutine for closing operation
  • fig915.m — Figure 9.15, Region filling example, Gonzales and Woods book, pp. 536.
  • fig917.m — Figure 9.17, connected component extraction example, Gonzales and Woods book, pp. 537.
  • fig921.m — Figure 9.21, thinning example, Gonzales and Woods book, pp. 542.
  • fig924.m — Figure 9.24, skeletonization example, Gonzales and Woods book, pp. 545.
  • boundarydemo.m — demonstrate boundary extraction, interior filling
    imfill.m — callable routine for interior filling

Image Segmentation

  • threshdemo.m — demonstration of global and local thresholding for segmentation. Require kmeansf.m, kmeantest.m, dist.m
  • houghdemo.m — demonstration program for hough.m
  • hough.m — Hough transform for binary image.

Multiresolution Analysis

  • waveletdemo.m — demonstration of single level discrete wavelet decomposition of an image

Supporting routines

  • Clustering
    clusterdemo.m — Demonstration of Kmeans (LBG) clutering algorithm for vector quantization.
    kmeansf.m — clustering engine called by kmeans.m.
    kmeantest.m — compute membership, and distortion after clustering
  • dgen2.m — generate random mixture of normal distributed data. Called by pca.m
  • dist.m — calculating distances
  • datagen.m – data generation routine called by clusterdemo.m

Public-Domain Test Images for Homeworks and Projects

Face recognition ORL database

Photo database provided by Fabien a. p. petitcolas

Other images



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