‎"Behind every stack of books there is a flood of knowledge."

ECE 5760 Advanced Microcontroller Design and system-on-chip Spring 2013 Under revision until 21 Jan


ECE 5760 deals with system-on-chip and embedded control in electronic design. The course is taught by Bruce Land, who is a staff member in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Final Projects | Policy | Assignments | Staff and Schedule | Links | Lectures (fall’11)

ECE 5760 thanks:

  • ALTERA for their donation of FPGAs and development hardware.
  • TERASIC for timely technical support of their hardware.

Assignments    Lab exercises Reading

Old Homework

ECE5760 is on Videonote (for Cornell students only)

Lab Assignments

  • 1. One-dimensional cellular automaton (weeks of Jan 21, 28)
  • 2. Video game with Nios or Pancake (weeks of Feb 4, 11 and 18)
  • 3. Multiprocessor PDE realtime synthesis of a drum (week of Feb 25 and Mar 4)
  • 4. Mandelbrot Set (weeks of Mar 11, 25)
  • 5. Final Project (weeks April 1 to April 29)

Old lab assignmentsideas for labs

youtube Lectures (2011) and Final projects

Reading Assignments

Schedule and Staff   Schedule | Staff

    • Lecture: MWF 1220-1310 Location: PHL 213
    • Lab Section: Thursday or Friday, 1330-1630, 238 Phillips

Links    Cornell Altera | NiosII | NiosII RTOS | CPU/COREs | Verilog | Design



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‎"Behind every stack of books there is a flood of knowledge."

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