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Cornell University ECE 5760 Advanced Micro-controllers Final Projects


The following projects were produced in the last month ofECE 5760 in the fall. The students were given the responsibility of choosing their project, then designing and building it. Projects were built using the Altera/Terasic DE2, CycloneII FPGA, educational board. See the assignmentor a few ideas for projects for further description. The project numbers are for identification and represent no other ranking. Send comments or questions to Bruce LandElectrical and Computer Engineering

Fall 2011 youtube

(Banner_imageFPGA blogelectronics-labTerasic blog, )

  1. Prime Number Generator and RSA Encrypter/Decrypter
  2. Air String (video 123hackaday,
  3. Game of Life Music Synthesizer (video 1234makeembedded,
  4. Conway’s Game of Life (video 1hackedgadgets,
  5. Air Driano (video 1, 234, 5BOOM 2012 people’s choice winner. youtube
  6. Adaptive Noise Cancellation (youtube 123)
  7. Additively Synthesized Ocarina (video 123, ) hackaday,
  8. Video bricks (video 12hackedgadgets,
  9. Ethernet Communication Interface
  10. Visual midi Composer

Fall 2010

(Banner_imagemakefpgablogelectronics-labhackedgadgetshackaday, )

  1. Falling Sand Game (video 123)(youtube search “ece 5760 falling sand game”) hackaday
  2. Video Realtime Cartoonifier (video 123456)(youtube search: “ece 5760 cartoon”) make
  3. Virtual Paint (video 1 ,23)
  4. Stereographic Depth Mapping (video 1still)
  5. Fractal Landscape (video 12)(youtube 12)
  6. 3D pong with video overlay (video 12hackedgadgets
  7. Music Visualization (video 12345)
  8. PID temperature controller
  9. WAV player
  10. Word recognition

Fall 2009

(hacked gadgetshack-a-daymakedailyDIY, )

  1. Realtime face tracking (MP4, )
  2. Green screen chroma key (MP423)
  3. Sound localizing robot (MP4)
  4. 2D graphics engine
  5. 3D render engine
  6. Keyboard synthesizer (MP4)
  7. Guitar synthesis (MP4)
  8. Evolution tic-tac-toe
  9. Software radio
  10. JPEG compression engine
  11. Video communications system

Fall 2008

(slashdotmakehackzinehacked gadgetstoysgadgetsdailyDIY)

  1. Parallel Tetris
  2. Speaker Recognition
  3. Triangle Graphics Processing Unit (rabbit MP4)
  4. Brute Force Search of a DES Keyspace (youtube 1234)
  5. Implementing a SoC Design on an FPGA
  6. L-System (stocastic L-system MP4)
  7. All Digital, FPGA Based, Lock-in Amplifier
  8. Simulation of Ideal Gas Particles (500 particles MP4)
  9. Video guided, ball-following robot (demo runrobot-eye-view MP4) (youtube 12)

Fall 2007

(hacked-gadgetshackadaymake magazinegeeksinsidefpga4fundevtoysfpgablogEEinnovateNordicdmoz, )

  1. System-on-Chip Toolkit
  2. FPGA BBQ Stick video game (mp4)
  3. Real time Edge extraction (mp4)
  4. Real time Spectrograph (mp4voicemp4music)
  5. Real time, Single Image, Random Dot Stereogram (mov 12 Mbyte, static image)
  6. Real time audio pitch shifter (mp4)
  7. FPGA Paint (mp4)
  8. Parallelized Knuth-Morris-Pratt Search Algorithm
  9. UDP Network Hardware
  10. 3D WireMesh Generator
  11. Light Source Motion Tracking
  12. Laser tracker
  13. FPGA Jezzball
  14. FPGA DSO
  15. Programmable Discrete Graphics Hardware
  16. SimpleGPU
  17. 3D wiremesh

Fall 2006

(hack-a-daymake magazine)

  1. Head related transfer function (Sound spatialization)
  2. Head related transfer function (pdf version)
  3. FPGA ray tracer (images 1234 mpeg 12) (doc version)
    (Circuit Cellar Magazine, page36, Issue #215 June 2008)
  4. Pipelined ray tracer
  5. Image motion tracker


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