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Online course broadly accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering

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After completing registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course materials. It will arrive shortly!

Two five-week classes taught by Prof. Supriyo Datta

These unique courses were developed by Prof. Datta, whose videotaped lectures posted on the nanoHUB have attracted 75,000+ viewers since 2004.

We have condensed the essence of this 30-week (2 semesters) course material into two, five-week classes that convey the experience of a Purdue University course and can be taken online from anywhere in the world from January through April 2012.

This is completely new material not publicly available.

These are the first of a planned series of class offerings from nanoHUB-U.

Course Objectives

Nanoelectronic devices are an integral part of our life, including the billion-plus transistors in every laptop, each of which has an active region that is only a few hundred atoms in length.

Part 1 is designed to convey in readily accessible language, the key concepts developed in the last 20 years which constitute the fundamentals of nanoelectronics and mesoscopic physics. For a 24-minute scientific overview, see

Part 2 (coming in March) provides an introduction to more advanced topics including the Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function (NEGF) method widely used to analyze quantum transport in nanoscale devices.


This course sequence is broadly accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering.

Part 1 requires a basic familiarity with calculus and elementary differential equations. Part 2 builds on Part 1 and requires familiarity with matrix algebra.

Even though no prior background in quantum mechanics or semiconductor devices is required, you will learn about the latest developments and concepts that will prepare you for research in nanoelectronics with new concepts and perspectives on all electronic devices, both small and large.

We hope you will be excited to join the field and help invent the new devices that will shape the electronics of this century and meet its challenges.

Course Outlines

Part 1: Basic Concepts (January 23 – February 24, 2012)
For those seeking a gentle introduction to key concepts

  • Week 1: The new “Ohm’s law” for nanoscale resistors
  • Week 2: The quantum of resistance: h/q2 ~ 25,800 ohms
  • Week 3: The nanotransistor: A device more numerous than ants
  • Week 4: The “spinning” electron: A new device paradigm
  • Week 5: Electricity from heat: Devices for a greener world

Part 2: Quantum Models (March 19 – April 20, 2012)
For those seeking a working knowledge of quantum transport models

  • Week 1: Describing quantum systems: Atoms, solids and nanostructures
  • Week 2: Quantum transport: Non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) method
  • Week 3: Example 1: Conductance quantization
  • Week 4: Example 2: Spin transistor
  • Week 5: Fundamental constraints: Second law, energy and information

How will it work?

For each course:

  • Two hours of video lectures will be posted each Monday for five weeks.
  • Online quizzes (ungraded) with instant feedback will also be posted for you to check your understanding of the lectures.
  • Homework problems (ungraded), some of which include MATLAB codes, will also be posted each Monday.
  • tutorial video of Prof. Datta working out homework problems will be posted on Wednesdays.
  • An online forum, hosted by nanoHUB, will be monitored consistently by Prof. Datta and teaching assistants to answer questions and give guidance. Students can interact with one another and submit questions. Top-ranked questions will be answered by the instructor, similar to office hours.
  • Tests for each weekly module will be posted on Fridays and will be available for two weeks. Once you start a test, you will have two hours to complete it. You will have two chances to get a passing score of 60%. The tests are scored instantly and those attaining a passing score on each of the five tests are entitled to a Proof of Completion and/or CEUs (see below).
  • Special recognition will be noted on the letter for top performers.

Registration, Recognition

For each course, a registration fee of $30 will give you access to all the new education material described above. You may choose to follow either of two options.

  • Option 1 is for those who wish to watch the lectures, perhaps take some feedback quizzes and simply enjoy the learning experience.
  • Option 2 is for those who wish to experience a Purdue University level course and earn a digitally signed Proof of Completion from nanoHUB-U. To qualify, a student must pass all the tests with a score of 60% or higher after two tries. In addition, students scoring 80% or higher will receive a seal for “with distinction”, and those scoring 90% or higher will receive a seal for “high distinction”.

Continuing Education Units, for additional fee

Purdue University is pleased to offer five continuing education units for a total fee of $225 to students who pass all the tests with a score of 60% or higher after two tries. A continuing education unit transcript will be provided. Records of continuing education units are maintained permanently in Purdue’s system, and individuals can request a transcript at any time for $6.

nanoHUB-U is powered by, the home for computational nanoscience and nanotechnology research, education, and collaboration.




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